Misprint Monsters

Man oh man, we made magnitudes of monsters from misprints from the Makerbots! These miniature makers made monstrous mayhem during March Break!



Unique 3D Prints

We had a very interesting request for a baritone Saxophone mouth piece and reeds to be 3D printed. We made them on the Makerbot Replicator 2X and they turned out pretty good! They will need some sanding and some touch up work, but we can’t wait to see if they work!


Mucking About in the Maker Lab

Today was a busy day in the Lab, we tried out our new flexible filament, relaxed and coloured  away our worries, and had some neat builds with our Tinker Toys! Next week, we have a valentine collage craft and on Saturday be sure to come to our TED talk discussion. We will be showing videos relevant to the upcoming Heritage Day celebrating Mi’kmaq stories and culture. ted-talk_heritage-day